Psalm 136:1

“Give thanks to the LORD for He is good; His love endures forever.”

God gives His love no mater what you have done, where you have been, or where you are now… His love knows no end.

You can’t earn God’s love; you just receive it. I’m amazed when I ponder at how God’s love never lessens for me. Lately I haven’t felt as deserving of His love, because I don’t feel I’m devoting enough time in prayer and in his Word, and because I’m not ministering or serving on any great measure… I begin to feel lethargic in my spiritual walk when I don’t feel I’m walking in the identity of being a follower of Christ, in passionate pursuit of His heart.

But I must remember – God loves me always. His love is not conditional. He does not love me more when I am a “better Christian” or when I survey my life and think it is pleasing. Living a life that pleases Him is about a response to His love, but He will never stop loving me if I am not at all what I expect or try to be.

“His love endures forever.”

The enemy would like to distract me and deceive me from the truth that God loves me. That is the most powerful truth I could realize. The first time I realized this truth, it changed everything about me. Now, the more I discover about who He is, the more I understand about His love for me – the more I am amazed. This is the truth that gives me strength to live vibrantly, yet renders me weak in awe and affection.

God loves me.

Though I am fully enthralled with God’s beautiful, heavenly love for me, I am sometimes consumed with doing what is pleasing to Him only in response to the fact that I know it will please Him… when it should be simply because I love Him. I delight in seeking His ways, His thoughts. When I am continually in His word, I obtain such a hunger for more understanding and wisdom of who He is and His perspective.

It’s a time for dramatic change in my life. There have been days, even weeks straight, when I didn’t even crack open my Bible once, didn’t life a prayer except for in thanks for my food… I am sorry for it, because I know that I have been truly missing out. I will BREAK the barriers that I fought so hard for too long to keep up, and give my whole life to pursue a life as a true woman of God. I will allow His word to speak His heart into mine, and delight myself in His love daily.
- This choice is motivated solely by my desire to know him, which comes from my heart.

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