Behind The Scenes

This is Nolan and Allidee Ford.
When I consider the best example of a biblical marriage, I think of them. They were married 57 years, and their love never faded. My great grandfather ("Pop"), Nolan, served in Pearl Harbor, then devoted his life to the ministry in Alabama. He passed away preaching the Gospel and excited to meet his Lord in Heaven. He was an honest man of God and a biblical example of a husband.

My great grandmother ("Great Mom"), Allidee, or called "Dee", was a loving and devoted wife and servant to the Lord. Whenever I read about the woman in Proverbs 31, my mind automatically goes to her and her devotion to her husband.

I have said many times to my husband, Brent, that I look up to them so much. In marriage, faith, commitment, everything! They were wonderful examples of how a marriage is supposed to be. I have always said I hope I could someday become half the woman that she was, and even that would be a lot of work to get there!

Among many things, my great grandmother was an awesome cook. No one could deny that. When I was little, I used to so look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas over at "Greatmom and Pop's", because I knew I would be eating so good! There's just some things only your grandma knows how to cook...

When she passed away, I was passed down a lot of her recipes. I cherish them, but sadly have neglected to try them out. It wasn't until last year I even attempted her Famous Banana Pudding. I thought, there's no way! No way I could do it any justice! But now, I am able to use that recipe and bring it into my new family, and it is just as much of a hit as it was at the Ford gatherings!

For these past couple years, her recipes, along from others passed down from other family members, have sat in binders and notebooks in my cabinet untouched. Often flipped through, but never attempted. Now, I know I would be scolded if she knew that's what had become of her cherished family recipes!

So I am on a journey to attempt them. All of them. I am no chef, probably not even what some would consider a cook. I will still Google "how to poach an egg" or "what does mince mean?" every now and then, but I'll do my best to follow the step-by-step! I will fail some, maybe even most of them, but I will at least attempt them.

 My plan is to go through the books upon books of her recipes, as well as recipes from the Cantrell side of the family, my mom's recipes, and the rest of the Ford's side of the family. I am seeking to combine all the best of my families' recipes, and hopefully through that I will somehow find my way around the kitchen!

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